Inside the Resort


'Unique' is a word that comes alive at Heritage Madurai. The resort is home to a host of unusual activities. Modern-day lifestyle merges seamlessly with that of the past here, and Heritage Madurai brings you the best of the two worlds entwined.

Cultural Village

You could take lessons on stringing mallipoo (jasmine buds), draping a saree in four different south Indian ways or playing one of several stringed-instruments at the cultural centre. A music room packed with traditional South Indian instruments, a seven-pedal loom operated by local weavers on site, a pottery and handicrafts section and even a cookery class that teaches you to make Chettinad cuisine are everyday happenings at Heritage Madurai.

The resort will also feature an arts and crafts center for children at the Cultural Village. The tranquil poolside and the ancient banyan tree will be witness to authentic cultural events and performances.

Leisure Activities

Another distinct feature of the resort is the golf simulator for golf enthusiasts. Possibly the only one of its kind in South India, the golf simulator is an indoor facility that allows individuals to practice their swing and then map it on a graphic screen.

A professional Golf simulator on the Indian golfing circuit, is in charge here. Golfers who sign up for a session can work on improving their handicaps or putting skill.

Other recreational activities include mountain bikes, badminton, table tennis etc

Spectacular Swimming Pool

Designed to replicate the Temple Tank of Thirumalai Temple. The pool is 4 feet deep and covers an area of 80 X 40 meters.
Baby sitting, kids playground, children's menus and high chairs for child dining.

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